Why Subscribe?

We know what we are talking about

It really is that simple. When you contact ES for assistance, no matter which member of our team you speak with, you’ll receive advice and guidance from a knowledgeable consultant.

The best value service in Australia, bar none!

Consider the benefits of an ES Subscription.  Compare the prices of our competitors.  We encourage you to look around. You’ll notice that some competitors charge fees based on the number of employees you employ or your annual turnover.

If you want to, you can quite easily spend 10 times more than we charge for a comparable service. We know we offer the best value service in Australia and we’re pretty conservative about making a claim like that.

Prompt professional service

With ES, you can choose how you contact us.  Phone us, email us, or live chat with our experienced consultants and have your questions answered on the spot.  No long phone queues or leaving messages waiting hours for a call back.  You can expect prompt, professional service, with ES.

We’ve been around a long time

It takes a long time to build up the amount of knowledge that our Firm possesses.  In our business, experience does count. How many of our competitors can claim to have clients who have stuck with them for 20 years?  How about 30 years?  We’re extremely proud to have been relied upon by so many clients for so long.

We’d be honoured to assist you.  We’ll do everything we can to build a long-term relationship with you and your business.

No strings.  Really!

Your annual subscription comes with no strings attached.  You choose whether to renew each year.  With us, you’ll never find yourself locked into a multi-year contract at exorbitant rates.

Join now and start enjoying the benefits today