Subscription FAQs

How many Awards are included?

An ES Subscription is priced at $500 plus GST per year.  The price includes access to one Modern Award of your choosing along with updates that occur to the Award during your subscription.

What if I need more than one Award?

No problem.  You can add as many Awards to your subscription as you need from the list of available Awards.  The price for the second and subsequent Modern Awards you select is $120 plus GST per Award per year.  Simply click the ‘join now’ icon and add your selection of Modern Awards when prompted.

What if I don’t need any Awards?

That’s fine.  You can still enjoy the benefits of an ES subscription without nominating an Award.  During the checkout process, just select ‘No Award’ when prompted to select from the list of Awards.

I need help with an issue right now

No problem.  As soon as you checkout, you can contact us for assistance with your issue.  Alternatively, contact us through our Live Chat portal for some speedy, initial advice.

How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription lasts for one year from the date it is established.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

No.  You choose whether to renew each year.  You will be sent a reminder when your subscription is close to expiring.

I’ve closed my business, can I get a refund?

No.  Whilst we wish you much success in your future endeavours, we don’t offer refunds.  You can transfer your subscription to the new owners of the business, should you wish.