2018 Easter Public Holidays – Queensland

Employers should take note that, in Queensland, all FOUR days across the fast-approaching Easter weekend are gazetted public holidays. This means that, under the Modern Awards, all work performed on Good Friday, the day after Good Friday (Easter Saturday), Easter Sunday and Easter Monday will attract the designated public holiday penalty. In most instances, this penalty will be double time and a half which, in the case of casuals, will often be payable in addition to the casual loading.

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Angry Airline Employee Loses Unfair Dismissal Claim

An airline employee has lost his unfair dismissal claim in the Fair Work Commission after he was found to have made a sarcastic comment to a colleague before blocking the colleague from exiting a locker room, grabbing his shirt and pushing him into a locker.  In a separate incident, the airline employee was found to have told the colleague, ‘It’s un-Australian if you don’t take sickies’ and if he didn’t like it he could ‘f… off back to his own country’.

The airline employee had an unblemished employment record but Commissioner Bissett said that was not a ‘free pass’ to an incident of misconduct.  The Commissioner also found the employee had shown little remorse for his actions.

Gigney v Qantas Airways Limited T/A Qantas [2018] FWC 1352