Annual Wage Review Progress Update

The Annual Wage Review 2018-19 is underway to determine what increase, if any, should be applied to minimum wages in 2019. As usual, the submissions to the Fair Work Commission from unions and employers vary widely. Some notable submissions this year include:

  • ACTU: 6%
  • Australian Retailers Association: 1.8%
  • Australian Industry Group: 2%
  • Master Grocers Australia: 1.2%
  • Australian Business Industrial: 2.3%
  • Restaurant & Catering Industrial: 0%

The ACTU claim for a 6% increase equates to a weekly increase of $43.15 in the National Minimum Wage. Any increase awarded will be due to take effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2019. ES Subscribers will be notified by e-bulletin as soon as the formal decision is handed down (typically, some time in the first week of June).

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