Telephone/Email/Live Chat Advice – ‘Fair Play’ Policy

ES Subscribers can access advice from the ES Consultants between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, Monday to Thursday and 9.00 am – 3.30 pm, Fridays (AEST). Advice is accessible by phone, email and through the live chat function on this site.  Enquiries should be directed to ES via the nominated contacts for a subscription.

Subscribers can receive up to 15 minutes of advice per enquiry on matters such as:

Award queries

Award interpretation matters pursuant to your nominated modern awards, examples being:

  • Confirming correct classifications and rates of pay
  • Clarifying paid and unpaid leave entitlements and public holiday entitlements
  • Confirming which penalty rates apply to which hours of work and how those rates are calculated
  • Clarifying the application and amount of relevant allowances
  • Understanding ordinary hours of work and meal break obligations
  • Clarifying when overtime applies and what penalty rate is payable

Strategic advice

Issues requiring strategic/specialized assistance, including:

  • Performance management processes and disciplinary action (i.e. addressing underperformance and the issuing of warnings)
  • Dismissal obligations and appropriate processes leading to termination
  • Redundancy processes and obligations when changing the working hours of employees
  • Managing staff complaints or grievances including investigating and responding to claims of harassment etc.
  • Managing staff absenteeism, extended sick leave periods and or WorkCover periods
  • Responding to employee claims via Unions or the FWO regarding concerns about wages and statutory entitlements

Where more than 15 minutes would be required to compile a written response to an emailed query, preliminary advice will be provided by email with more detailed assistance available by phone.

Where advice on a particular issue exceeds the parameters provided for above then the Subscriber will be invoiced for consultancy with a minimum charge of 15 minutes.

Note: Multiple enquiries pertaining to the same issue will be regarded as a single period of advice and charged accordingly.